Simple Stew

We all love our food and going into the woods is not a reason to forsake good cooking, there is no need to eat charred dry meat. I did some research and devised a simple versatile stew that can be used to add some flavours to outdoor cooking, perfect for camping backpackers or buschrafters. I... Continue Reading →

DIY: Belt Axe Loop

I recently picked up a little vintage hatchet, and figured it was a good size for a belt axe. The only problem was I didn’t have one of those nice axe loops that go onto your belt and didn’t really want to fork out loads of money for one. So I decided to make one.... Continue Reading →

Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers

Made from Fjallraaven’s trademark G-1000 material, a cotton polyester blend that is then waxed, these trouser really are built for anything nature can throw at them. Let’s start with the specs, weighing in at 590 grams with Fjallravens regular fit length and waist. These trousers come loaded with pockets, almost too many to actually find... Continue Reading →

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