Summer Backpacking Gear

First thing first this is a minimalist approach, I used this on a 24-hour hike and wild camp, the only gear missing is the tent and food. This isn’t what I would take on a multiple day excursion, this is meant to be light to carry with the few things necessary for a short trip.... Continue Reading →

Primitive Fruit Preservation

Maybe it was a familiar sight for our ancestors, standing around a small tripod tied with nettle cordage, a few slats of hazel holding a red cake of hawthorns and blackberries drying as the weather cools signalling the beginning of the end of summer. As the bounty of summer is in full swing I always... Continue Reading →

Simple Stew

We all love our food and going into the woods is not a reason to forsake good cooking, there is no need to eat charred dry meat. I did some research and devised a simple versatile stew that can be used to add some flavours to outdoor cooking, perfect for camping backpackers or buschrafters. I... Continue Reading →

Simple Hide Bag

A woodsman can never have enough bags! If you need a pouch for your headlight, fire lighting kit or cooking pot this is an easy, efficient way to make one. It requires very little sewing skill and provides great satisfaction. All you need is some leather or hide, a needle, thread, ruler and a sharp... Continue Reading →

Tree Profile: Lime (Tilia cordata)

  A tree found throughout much of Europe, it used to dominate ancient woodlands in the UK alongside Oaks. Now its range has shrunk slightly, but it still can be found in woodlands across the British Isles and it is an important tree to know about. The leaves are light green when young, and when... Continue Reading →

Summer Foraging

  Summer is the best time to get out foraging, as there is plenty of variety to choose from. I took a stroll in the woods and gathered a variety of common plants perfect for consumption, this will recount those plants to you, how to identify them and any uses they may have. Elder: Sambucus... Continue Reading →

Woodsmans Bread Part 1: The Dough

  Bread making for the outdoorsman. A common phrase among bushcrafters is the term, “smoothing it”, which aptly sums up why we go into the woods, we don’t go into the woods to have sleepless nights and eat poorly, we go to enjoy nature and to eat and sleep well. As such having a varied... Continue Reading →

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