Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers

Made from Fjallraaven’s trademark G-1000 material, a cotton polyester blend that is then waxed, these trouser really are built for anything nature can throw at them.

Let’s start with the specs, weighing in at 590 grams with Fjallravens regular fit length and waist. These trousers come loaded with pockets, almost too many to actually find uses for, 6 in total, ranging from your standard hip side pockets, which are tight at the top and very deep, to 3 large cargo style pockets that sit on the thigh and close with press studs. There is also a long axe pocket down the upper portion of the left leg, which has 2 access points to accommodate handled tools of a variety of sizes.

Reinforced rear and knees mean the harder wearing areas aren’t likely to abrade and weaken over time. The knees also have knee pad pockets should you want to put some in. At the ankle of the trousers there is an adjustable elastic band, which can be fixed in place with press studs, to ensure you get a snug fit around you leg or over your boot. There is also a small metal hook on the inside of the ankle to grip onto your laces.

These water-resistant trousers can be re-proofed with the Greenland wax, which is quick and really easy to do. They are not completely waterproof so shouldn’t be totally relied on in a downpour but do their job to keep moisture and wind out. The one major downside is they come with a pretty hefty price tag of around £145. Overall you get what you pay for though, quality material and a well thought out design make for a pair of trousers ready for any adventure.

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